Job description

Pardon is seeking to expand its venture studio team with a Web3 Strategist. Working closely with the Founder and the Director of Brand Strategy you will play a key role in designing strategies to ignite Web3 concepts while collaborating with internal teams bringing to life projects related to community building, art, and investments on Web3 networks.


We envision a wide-ranging role that includes objectives like these:

  • Collaborate with Nicholas Pardon to determine where Web3 can intersect with our current interests and investments. Help us uncover how we can participate in Web3 across our portfolio of brands.
  • Advise on best opportunities to create or participate in NFT projects, especially related to our New Collection work.
  • Develop a strategic roadmap for Web3 investments and explorations. From creating our own DAO(s), to creating digital social experiences that allow us to engage our audience in a way that transcends the digital space and manifests into physical and boutique experiences.
  • Give insights into future projects (tokens and DAOs) that are aligned with our vision as a family office.
  • Assess the viability of building our own internal coin/DAO for internal use of employee benefits and bonuses, i.e, possibly using our own token as a chance to take a private entity “public”.


  • Web3 Degen
  • Strong exposure to NFT projects across various blockchains (ETH, AVAX, SOL)
  • Knowledge and insights into current Web3 projects (e.g. Rabbit Hole, Juicebox, Olympus DAO [and forks], ENS, Syndicate.
  • Familiarity with Twitter and Discord
  • High risk tolerance and aptitude for experimentation; ability to articulate risk and explain emerging industry dynamics without advocating for or against those dynamics.
  • Ability to articulate clearly why certain recommendations are being made, and their possible implications.
  • Dev experience in Web2 and Web3 is a bonus.

Other Details

  • While this work can be done remotely, favorable consideration will be given to candidates in Denver, Newport Beach, or New York City to collaborate in-person with Pardon’s team.
  • This will be a contract consultant position.

About Pardon

Pardon Inc. is a modern family office and venture studio, dedicated to the entrepreneurial endeavors, curatorial and artistic pursuits, and investment portfolio of Nicholas Pardon.

At our core is the spirit of invention and a drive to bring our wildest and most inspiring ideas to life. Powered by a diverse group of designers, strategists, and capital allocators, we work together to launch self-sustaining ventures and empower organizations we believe in.

Pardon operates contemporary digital brands including Likemind, The Discoverer Group, and (soon) Happy Headlines.

  • Likemind operates brands such as Inspiring Quotes, Interesting Facts, Travel Quiz, and History Quiz.
  • The Discoverer Group is responsible for its flagship brand – The Discoverer, which provides awe-seekers with the inspiration to fuel their next epic adventures. More Discoverer Group brands are in the works.

We are committed to providing equal opportunity for all. We are firm believers in the strength of diversity and aim to build teams of individuals that offer unique perspectives, come from different backgrounds, and challenge each other to be better each and every day.

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