Product Design Engineer, Thermal Analysis, Augmented Reality

Job description

Minimum qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent practical experience.
  • 5 years of experience in product design for consumer electronics.
  • Experience in steady-state and transient thermal analysis using software (e.g., SolidWorks Flow Simulation, IcePak, Flotherm etc.).
  • Experience running thermal tests in a lab and using data to improve modeling.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience with optomechanics.
  • Experience in augmented/virtual reality and/or devices and services.
  • Knowledge and specialization in heat transfer.
  • Excellent electrical engineering, product management, industrial design, and operations skills.

About the job

Our computational challenges are so big and unique we can't just buy our hardware, we've got to make it ourselves. Our Platforms Team designs and builds the hardware, software and networking technologies that power all of Google's services. As a Mechanical Engineer you design and evaluate our data center systems, identifying product requirements and contributing to research and project planning. From the chip to chiller, you are responsible for designing and optimizing an architecture that will scale with Google's continued growth.

With your technical expertise, you lead and manage projects, develop product and process improvements, provide consultation to others and help facilitate training and development.

As a Product Design Engineer, you’ll help evaluate designs providing critical information on thermal performance, comfort limits, and transient behavior. You’ll utilize system level thermal modeling to produce rough early simulation models and work cross-functionally with colleagues in Product Design, Electrical Engineering, and Silicon to mature those models into accurate detailed simulations.

Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. Our Devices & Services team combines the best of Google AI, Software, and Hardware to create radically helpful experiences for users. We research, design, and develop new technologies and hardware to make our user's interaction with computing faster, seamless, and more powerful. Whether finding new ways to capture and sense the world around us, advancing form factors, or improving interaction methods, the Devices & Services team is making people's lives better through technology.


  • Understand product context and collaborate to help inform where to focus your efforts.  
  • Develop Thermal Models with quality inputs working cross-functionally to fill gaps as needed.  
  • Carry out basic experiments and measurements.
  • Report your findings in a way that’s clear and actionable, and help to identify next steps.
  • Instrument and test hardware to validate, cross-check, and refine models.

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