Luma AI

Founding Team – CV/ML Engineer

Job description

We live in a three dimensional world. Our perception and memories are of three dimensional beings. Yet there is no way to capture and revisit those moments like you are there. All we have to show for it are these 2D slices we call photos. It's time for that to change.

Luma's mission is to enable everyone to capture and experience the world in lifelike 3D. To bring about the next step function change in how we share memories, explore products, and spaces on the internet. To propel photos and videos into our mixed-reality 3D future.

Some of the brightest minds in computer vision and graphics have dedicated their careers to solving this problem of photorealistic 3D capture. Now, advances in neural rendering, deep learning, and compute have finally brought this dream within our reach. If thinking about this future and this monumental engineering challenge gets you excited, and wide-eyed with ideas, come make it real with us. Join our founding team with the autonomy to experiment, to grow, and to help form Luma's technical, product, and business roadmap.


Help us build world's first neural reconstruction production stack powered by state-of-the-art A100 GPUs. You will be responsible for building our compute infra, data pipelines, Luma's API,  and deploying large vision models.

Your job will be to figure out how to run our HPC workloads efficiently, across every layer of the stack. This requires thinking through and finding the best way to solve problems all the way from model architecture, and image processing, to scaling instances, and our choice of cloud provider.

This is not a research project that might be shelved, the company's future depends upon shipping. Every piece you build and optimize will enable Luma to reach more people, and become a thriving business.


Startup Mindset

As a part of the founding team, first and foremost, this role requires a mindset conducive to deep tech startups:

  1. Value velocity and execution.
  2. Communicate clearly.
  3. Focus on building what will matter to users and the product.
  4. Be resourceful at finding creative ways to overcome challenges.


  1. Industry experience in building infra for and deploying large-scale Machine Learning projects.
  2. Deep expertise in at least one of PyTorch, JAX, or TensorFlow
  3. Practitioner-level understanding of computer vision fundamentals.
  4. Proficiency in either Python, or C++.


  1. Equity grant to reflect the incredible value you will bring to Luma
  2. Competitive salary
  3. Option to work remotely in a well-thought-out remote-first environment
  4. Health, dental, and vision coverage

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