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Best Programming Languages for The Metaverse

If you're looking for an engineering job developing for the metaverse, these are the best programming languages to know.

Best Programming Languages for The Metaverse

The metaverse will be in constant need of engineers, developers, and programmers. Some of the largest and most influential companies in the world, like Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, & Snap, and some newer groundbreaking companies like OpenSea, Roblox, Niantic, The Sandbox, Decentraland, & Solana are all hiring for open jobs in the metaverse. There won’t just be one metaverse, but rather, a loose collection of metaverse experiences that you can interact with, whether in AR or VR (some mixture of the two), or via a blockchain.

Because the metaverse encompasses so many different facets of technology and society, there is a wide breadth of knowledge one can have and a diverse demand of skillsets someone can have if they’re looking for a metaverse job. Whether you’re coding for augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), or blockchain/cryptocurrency, there are a number of different programming and development languages you’ll need to know, so you can help build the metaverse.


C# was designed by ​​Anders Hejlsberg from Microsoft in 2000, and has been the main programming language for the Unity game engine since 2005. Unity is an extremely popular platform if you’re developing for virtual reality applications. The Unity platform boasts over 750,000 developers, which include large game publishers, indie studios, students, and hobbyists – so there’s plenty of resources to tap into. Unity is one of the two main gaming engines that have become popular with developers.

Companies that have previously hired for positions with C# include  Supernatural, The Wild, & Itsme.


The other gaming engine, which uses C++ as the main language, is Unreal (created by Epic). C++ is oftentimes thought of as more powerful and faster than C#, although you’ll often see job descriptions requiring knowledge in either one as knowledge of either Unity or Unreal – so they do go hand-in-hand. According to Epic’s CEO Tim Sweeney, more than 7,500,000 developers use Unreal.

Companies that have previously hired for positions with C++ include Magic Leap, & Niantic.

Magic Leap


Often thought of as the language of the internet, JavaScript is a complex but relatively easy to learn language. It’s widespread in both web2 and web3 technologies. You can build on a blockchain with JavaScript and since a language that a lot of web browsers are familiar with, it’s utilized with both WebVR and WebAR applications. For a safer choice for beginners to learn, we’d recommend JavaScript as a great foundational language since it has such a wide number of use cases.

Companies that have previously hired for positions with JavaScript include TikTok, & Topia.


Since Python utilizes an open and transparent development process, with an open-source codebase, and an extensive number of third-party modules, it’s the perfect language to learn if you’re building scripting and interfaces for virtual reality. It’s thought of as one of the easier languages to learn and it’s often used in industrial applications for both VR and AR. With Python it’s also easy to transition into a language more advanced, like C#.

Companies that have previously hired for positions with Python include Oculus, Looking Glass Factory, & Stageverse.

Looking Glass Factory


Solidity is an object-oriented language that was developed and released by Ethereum, the popular blockchain. It’s primarily to write and implement smart-contracts in the Ethereum blockchain. If you’ve ever bought or sold an NFT, chances are it was created using solidity. 

Companies that have previously hired for positions with Solidity include Stardust, & Enjin.


Solana, the ever increasingly popular blockchain, often uses Rust for its programs. Solana has a fast growing ecosystem of developers and apps being made on top of it, including popular projects like Audius and Saber.

Companies that have previously hired for positions with Rust include Star Atlas & Metaview.

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