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6 Jobs in The Metaverse That Pay $125,000+

Companies like Snap, Roblox, OpenSea, Facebook, & many others are hiring for jobs in the metaverse.

The metaverse will involved the intersection of augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, & much more. With the largest companies in the world exploring how they can enter the metaverse, it's clear the job market will have plenty of opportunities for talented job seekers looking to work in the metaverse.

Here are 6 high-paying metaverse jobs with groundbreaking companies looking to fill open positions.

Snap Spectacles

Product Manager, AR Business (Snap)

Snap, Inc. has invested heavily in augmented reality and clearly sees it as a core part of their business. With Lens Studio and Spectacles, they are involved in both the software side and hardware side of the metaverse. The first iteration of Spectacles were simple smart glasses with a camera, but the new Spectacles have true AR features and are available to developers only. Snap is hiring for an open Product Manager, AR Business  that pays $99,000 – $216,000 per year. You'll need 5+ years of experience working in consumer technologies, with an emphasis on AR/VR products. It's a product focused role based in Los Angeles and offers benefits like paid family leave, health insurance coverage, and fitness & wellness perks.

Infrastructure Engineer (OpenSea)

One of the hottest companies of 2021, OpenSea is the largest marketplace for NFTs (non-fungible tokens). NFTs are essentially digital goods with ownership verification built into the blockchain. The infrastructure position pays between $150,000 – $200,000 per year and is based either in New York or remotely. Requirements for the Infrastructure Engineer position include experience in large-scale systems design, expert knowledge of Google Cloud, and experience with load balancing and global routing. OpenSea also provides additional benefits like a flexible vacation policy, flexible hours, travel & company retreats, & even monthly company game nights.

Senior Program Manager, 3D (Adobe)

This role is based in New York, NY and requires experience with large-scale programs and projects, 8+ years of relevant experience in a technology environment, and experience specifically with 3D related industries such as augmented reality, gaming, or real-time visualization. Adobe has created cutting-edge software for AR and 3D like Adobe Aero and Adobe Substance. The Senior Program Manager, 3D position pays $113,000 – $213,000 and Adobe offers numerous benefits and perks including education benefits, healthcare benefits, and retirement benefits.

IMVU avatars

Senior Product Manager – (Together Labs)

Together Labs builds technologies that allow people all around the world to come together to connect, play, and earn in virtual worlds. They've created IMVU, the world's largest avatar platform, and VCOIN, the first regulatory approved transferable digital currency. The Senior Product Manager position requires 5+ years of experience with high-traffic internet consumer services and experience with web platforms and product lifecycle management. The position pays $143,000 – $234,000 per year and includes fun perks like DoorDash subscriptions, monthly care packages, and subsidies for home office setups.

Senior Gameplay Engineer – Reference Team (Roblox)

Roblox is often thought of being in the forefront of the metaverse. Tens of millions of people come together every single day to interact in the worlds that Roblox has built. The Senior Gameplay Engineer – Reference Team position pays $163,000 – $241,000 and is located in San Mateo, CA. It requires 5+ years of programming experience with an emphasis on C++, Lua, and client/server networking. Since Roblox is a gaming company at its core, the position also requires experience with game development and user interaction. Roblox is also providing perks like medical coverage, flexible vacation policy, free catered lunches, and an on-site fitness center.

Manager, Technical Program Management, Horizon (Facebook)

Facebook is deep into the metaverse and they're constantly hiring for jobs in the metaverse through their companies like Oculus, Instagram, and Facebook itself. Having recently released smartglasses with Ray-Ban, they're actually quite a bit ahead of their competition in the hardware front. The Manager, Technical Program Management, Horizon position at Facebook is a product heavy role and requires experience with managing teams of engineers, and delivering techical programs from inception to launch. The position pays $120,000 – $216,000 and is open for hiring in Los Angeles, CA – Redmond, WA – Seattle, WA – & Burlingame, CA.

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