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4 Venture Capital Firms Investing in the Metaverse

Venture capitalists and angel investors are investing in the metaverse in record breaking numbers.

2021 was a breakthrough year for the metaverse. The perfect storm of working from home, NFTs taking over the world, the largest companies in tech pivoting to enter the metaverse, and even an ETF that specializes in metaverse tangential stocks all contributed to the metaverse being unavoidable if you were at all paying attention. At the intersection of augmented reality, virtual reality, blockchain, gaming, fashion, & more, the metaverse is set to be the next big platform, the next iteration of the internet, or Web3 as many people like to call it. 

Venture capitalists, angel investors, and celebrities have been investing in the metaverse (whether through blockchain companies, avatar generation companies, gaming platforms, etc.) in record breaking numbers and the movement is only gaining more momentum as technologies become more adopted by users. 

Venture Capital firms active in metaverse investing 


Paradigm was founded in 2018 by Fred Ehrsam and Matt Huang. Fred was a co-founder at Coinbase and Matt was previously a partner at Sequoia Capital.  Paradigm is an active investor in the metaverse and their portfolio includes companies like Zora, Uniswap, and Royal. They invest anywhere from $1 million to $100 million+. 

Outlier Ventures

Outlier Ventures has been active in metaverse investing since 2014. They have a popular podcast called The Metaverse Show that is quickly approaching 100 episodes and they also have an accelerator program for early stage metaverse companies. They’ve invested in companies like Swash, Linkdrop, & Weaver Labs.

Boost VC

Perhaps the most prolific investor in the metaverse and web3 companies, Boost VC has hundreds of investments in the metaverse across multiple industries like gaming, avatar creation, virtual fitness, & more. They’ve invested in companies like Wave, Alta, & Mindshow.

Fabric Ventures

Fabric Venture is backing the open economy, and they’re doing it be investing in open web, open finance, open media, and open work. They started investing in 2012 and have made dozens of investments in companies like Sky Mavis (the creators of Axie Infinity), Sorare, & Yield Guild Games. 

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